Writing with an

Indigenous Lens

The overall process and development of my workshops, which can be adjusted to cater to nearly any group or delivery style, is based upon the fundamental Indigenous teachings of the Medicine Wheel.

The Medicine Wheel, itself, is based on living in balance within the Four Directions.

For further information I invite you to look at sites by Indigenous people about our cultural practices, speak to your local Band Office, and/or attend local Indigenous cultural events.

Not all Indigenous people believe or use the Medicine Wheel and its teachings.

Thank you to http://www.fourdirectionsteachings.com for some of this information I have used.

Ring of Light Bulbs



  • Here it is where we reflect on what we have learned in life.

  • Can we connect with our stories from our Elders?

  • This is where we need to stop and think.

  • What do we need?




  • What are we doing to stay and be connected to spirit?

  • Whatever your connection is for you. Are you connecting with Mother Earth?

  • What are you doing for your spirit each day?

Sunset Views



  • Here is where we look at our physical self and what we are doing to honour it.

  • What is your journey?

  • How are you being active?




  • Here is where we look at how we are processing our emotions.

  • Releasing them without causing harm to ourselves and others?

  • How do we care for our emotional being?

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