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Farewell NaJoWriMo!

January 28, 2019


What happened?


It was December...


Now..this...end of January!


Ok, so it was a tough month to commit to journaling every single day.  I have done some writing, but it wasn't my favourite writing.


It felt very forced some days just to make sure I hit my goal. (I didn't like that at allll...)


I did try.


I enjoy writing and I LOVE to journal, so I will continue on my routine of writing as often as I can with the busy life I lead. All about balance right...


I did really enjoy looking back at all of the journals I have read in and looking at my current writing. Some of my old stories I have moved past now and I patted myself on the back.


That is one of my favourite reasons to journal write.


A record of where I have been and where I am going and where I am.


I can look at my stories and see how far I have come...


So, as we take on challenges be kind to your self for the first round.


Remember that you can try again!


So I am unsatisfied with the expectations that I did not meet, but I am happy that I tried and wrote so much more than I have in a long time. My kid's journals have been updated! Those are the journals that aren't always updated...and time goes by too fast these days.


So my friends...NaJoWriMo ends on the 31st and I will keep it up til the end.


If you are interested in doing the daily journaling challenge...dive in and go for it BUT be kind. Life happens and we need to just keep plodding on as we can.


 --- SR

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