NaJoWriMo - Week 3 - No More Drama ---- For This Mama.

January 21, 2019


What a week! My little ones had minor surgery so a lot of my energy went to helping them recover.


(They are doing well)


I wrote snippets in my journal here and there as I worked around surgeries, night school, writing, and household responsibilities...


What I have been learning through my writing is how much I want to let go of so much of the drama that arises in my life!


It isn't big drama...but the little dramas that take up energy.


Another way to call it would be the energy suckers!


These little things can be quickly dealt with to make things easier, but it is sitting down and figuring out what needs to happen in order to stop the drainage!


So I have been concentrating on fixing these suckers so I can live a more drama-free life.


Organizing mail...

bill payments...

house cleaning schedules...

meal planning...all these little things that can help ease me into the day or week.



Working on these energy suckers allows me more time to be present!


What a gift.


So far NaJoWriMo 30 day challenge has been...a challenge to do on the daily, but I have been getting a lot out of the writing.


I also can't believe I am entering week 4...where has the time gone...


 ---Wishing you a Happy Week! --- SR.

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